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2018 Home Game Meal Plan for the next 2 games $10.53 including convenience fee.

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      Friday Nov. 16th

      8:30am         Students must be at Nova High School Band Room with all their needed

      materials  (See Packing List)

      9:30am         Final Inspection

      9:45am         Load Bus and Depart for Tampa

      12:30pm       Stop for lunch and bathroom break

      2:30pm         Arrive at Countryside Sports Plex “stadium” field (SW Field) from 3-8pm. For

      Rehearsal: Unload truck and instruments

      3:00pm         Rehearsal

      7:00pm         Clean up

      7:30pm         Get on bus for Dinner at nearby Mall – Dinner paid for by Band Member

      9:30pm         Get on bus and go to the Courtyard Tampa Oldsmar

      10:30pm       Lights out!!!!

      Saturday Nov. 17th

      Wake up with enough time to get ready and eat breakfast on time!!


      5:50am         Breakfast (Hotel will provide and EVERYONE must eat!)

      6:20am         Equipment Loaded on Bus and double checked

      6:30am         Be in Lobby in Full Uniform for Inspection

      6:50am         Depart for Countryside High School for Semi Finals

      7:00am         Arrive at Countryside High School and unload students

      7:30am         Stretch/Warm Up

      9:00am         Perform. Load. Watch

      10:30am       Lunch

      11:00am       Be in stands to watch remaining bands

      1:36pm         Retreat

      2:00pm         The DOME (2A starts at 4:15pm!)**

      11:00pm       Retreat

      11:30pm       Head to Hotel

      1:00am         Lights Out!!

      Sunday Nov. 18th

      7:00am         Breakfast

      8:00am         Load and Head to Magic Kingdom

      5:00pm         Get on Bus to go HOME!!

      10:00pm       Arrive at Nova High School/UNLOAD/Go HOME!


      ** Please remember you must have the following items brought in no later than Wednesday Nov. 14th:


      1) Shoe box with your dinkels/guard shoes, long black socks, gloves, black Nova shirt inside. (Ziploc bags

      are helpful)

      2) Guard Box with all performance items


  • PRINTABLE ITINERARY: Tampa Trip Itinerary

  • Packing List for States


    1)      Money – All band members need to bring enough money lunch and dinner on Friday (at rest stop and Mall near hotel), Semi Finals and Finals (Countryside High School and Dome), lunch, dinner and souvenirs on Sunday at Magic Kingdom. (Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday will be provided by the hotel) (At least $100 recommended)

    2)      Instrument and Instrument accessories (Reeds, valve oil, polish, scissors, mouthpiece, chapstick, cork grease, screws/mini screwdriver, rag, MOUTHPIECE, etc.)

    3)      Medicine: allergy, prescriptions, inhalers, etc. (please bring to Ms. Baldie, Ms. Korba or Ms. Vilma prior to loading on Friday with written permission, original container and instructions unless your parent is coming), first aid (band aids, Neosporin, etc.), vitamins

    4)      Toiletries (Talk to your roommates to reduce amount of stuff brought)

    -Shampoo                                            – Curling iron/straightener

    -Conditioner                                        -Hair ties

    -Body wash/soap                                -Make up

    DEODORANT/Antiperspirant             -Feminine products

    Toothbrush/toothpaste                                   -contacts case/solution

    -Brush/comb                                       -Glasses

    -Gel/hairspray                                     -Sunscreen


    5)      Jeans and black pants for guard

    6)      Nova Shirt

    7)      Sweatshirt (layers are good in case of cold weather)

    8)      Pajamas

    9)      Long sleeve T-shirts

    10)  Rehearsal attire (must be uniform colors; plan ahead for weather!)

    11)  Snacks (healthy please)

    12)  Underwear (including bras for girls and bodytight for guard (guard please bring the correct bra))

    13)  Compression Shorts

    14)  2 pairs of black socks (tall socks for band)

    15)  Tennis shoes (sneakers)

    16)  Sunglasses and sunscreen

    17)  Blanket and pillow for bus ride

    18)  Jacket/Sweater/Sweatshirt (black if you dont have band/guard jacket)

    19)  Phone charger



    **** Any electronics brought on this trip are the responsibility of the owner. If anything is lost misplaced or stolen, Nova High School, Instructors, Staff, Band Booster or chaperones are not responsible. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN THINGS!! 

  • PRINTABLE PACKING LIST: Packing List for States