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  • Band camp is coming up! Camp this year will run July 30 – August 11, 10AM-7PM each day (except Sundays). Refer to the list below to make sure you are prepared!


  • Before camp starts please be sure to fill out the required paperwork here.


  • In preparation for the upcoming season there will be rehearsals before camp. The next rehearsal is this Saturday the 14th. Bring your music and instrument.


Band Camp Essentials:

The following are a few necessities for success at band camp this year:

-Daily uniform (white shirt, black shorts, SNEAKERS)

-Extra shirt and socks

-White gloves (available at All County Music)

-Water (at least half a gallon)

– 1 1/2 in. Binders the color of your section (see your section leader)

-sheet protectors

-printed music

-pencils, chalk

-Fanny pack/shoe lace

-Dot book (wire-bound index cards, on sale in band room & Walmart)

-Hat w/ visor

-sunscreen and sunglasses


-Any necessary equipment for your section (mouthpiece, reeds, tape, sticks, mallets, etc.)



*Please avoid dairy!

 If you have any questions please email Gregg Goldstein at titansoundband@gmail.com.